Allergy Aware for Requirements

The Allergy Aware programme is available for restaurants. Establishments that are certified as Allergy Aware conform to the following requirements:

Menu Requirements


  • Current menus must show Allergy Aware information.
  • The exception to this is if there is a specific allergy aware menu available.
  • In this case current menus must have “An Allergy Aware version of this menu is available. Please ask staff for details”.
  • A menu audit will be conducted. For this you will be required to provide us with your full menu, and a break down of ingredients for each item.
  • Any changes to the menu must be reflected in the allergy aware version of the menu immediately.
  • Any long term changes to the menu must be resubmitted to us for confirmation, there is no fee for this.

Food Preparation and Service


  • Items handling high priority allergens must be washed (not just wiped) before re use.
  • All Staff must be aware of the common allergens.
  • If your restaurant has been declared free of certain allergens, staff must NOT bring them onto the premises, even for personal consumption.
Optional, but recomended:
  • Kitchens must have designated items for dealing with high priority allergens, such as nuts, to prevent cross contamination.
  • Display allergy aware posters in kitchen and staff areas.
  • Label utensils clearly.
  • Staff should ask “Does anyone have any food allergies we should be aware of?”
  • If your area permits if you should have anti-histamine tables and an epipen in your first aid kit.

Allergy Aware status:

  • Menus must have the Allergy Aware logo and symbol on them.
  • The Allergy Aware logo should be displayed in a prominent place, such as the window.
  • The Allergy Aware logo must be displayed on the website of the restaurant and link to the Allergy Aware website.

The restaurant is required to be reaudited every year.


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