Single mouthful of Curry kills man

A FATHER of four died after eating a single mouthful of curry as he sat down to watch The X Factor.

Angus Myers said: "That's got nuts in", before collapsing in front of his wife and his 11-year-old son on Saturday night.

The 32-year-old mechanic suffered a suspected allergic reaction to a chicken tikka masala.

His wife, Marie, tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead in hospital.

The 29-year-old student nurse said her husband of six years had asked staff at the Indian takeaway restaurant whether the curry contained nuts and was told that it did not.

She described how they sat down in the living-room of their home in Carville, County Durham home to watch the X-Factor results when tragedy struck.

Mrs Myers said that her husband had always had a nut allergy, but his most severe reaction previously had been to feel sick for a couple of hours.

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