Indian takeaway kills footballer

A talented footballer who died after suffering a severe allergic reaction has been described as a 'legend'.

Danny Macpherson suffered an anaphylactic shock, it is believed, after consuming a peanut contained in an Indian takeaway at 9.30pm on Sunday, February 15.

Paramedics took the 21-year-old from his home straight to Burton's Queen's Hospital but he suffered a heart attack in the ambulance.

He never recovered and was pronounced dead at 9pm on Wednesday, February 18.

Danny was diagnosed with anaphylaxis and an allergy of peanuts aged five after having tests to find out what triggered his asthma.

Contact with peanuts over the years caused a couple of minor incidents which saw his lips and eyes swell up, but nothing major.

His parents are now warning others of the potential dangers.

Mrs Macpherson said: "Allergies, whatever they are, can be fatal. People need to be aware and take it seriously.

"We think restaurants should make it clear what dishes contain nuts and which don't."

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